Profitable Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Investments: Earn Real Rewards?


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Date: 09.08.2018

Cloud mining is a controversial topic, despite the presence of a growing community. This is a look into whether the seemingly up-and-coming venture is profitable – or a money drain.

Cloud Mining Today

One of the main drawbacks of cloud mining preventing its widespread adoption is the cost. For many, cloud mining is a “premium” activity in the crypto community. There are also alternative services, such as litecoin mining and cloud bitcoin mining and these services are ideal for those who are not interested in earning money from their efforts.

Thus, due to the alternative options and the high costs, ethereum mining just seems like a neat idea. The only individuals that truly may make a profit on it are investors who have the funds for marginal and high-risk investments.

However, not all share the negative sentiment concerning cloud mining. For instance, cryptocurrency services provider Hashtoro takes the position that cloud miners have the opportunity to work in a transparent and professional environment. Further, the field offers flexible packages that most investors – even everyday ones – can afford. Investors must also hedge risks efficiency, find creative ways to reduce energy consumption and costs, and deliver returns.

The Future Of Cloud Mining

There are many who see a future in cloud mining. Here are the main qualities that may promote its growth and a stronger base – or inhibit it:

No Longer Limited

First, cloud mining is no long as limited as it was. Early on, cloud mining services only offered few choices in terms of minable currencies. Today though, various cryptocurrencies can be mined and users can even mine cloud bitcoin, cloud litecoin, cloud ethereum, or a mixture of all three.

Still Not Very Profitable

Second, cloud mining has been perceived as wholly unprofitable. There is some truth to this sentiment. For example, cloud mining can be extremely costly to set up, especially on a home server. Further, cloud ethereum or cloud bitcoin mining companies take a cut of the mining maintenance fee. Accordingly, these qualities make cloud mining a difficult project to earn money from.

Crypto Prices May Have A Negative Impact On Cloud Miners

Third, a major issue is that cloud litecoin mining halts when the price of currency dips too low. This type of disruption may occur during cloud ethereum and cloud bitcoin mining operations as well. On the other hand, some cloud ethereum mining companies have determined methods that may minimize the risk of disruption. For example, Hashtoro has been able to maintain low costs by using inactive lumber facilities. This allows for low facilitation costs, cheaper electricity, and use of a variety of currencies.

Profitable Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Conclusion

As interested investors can tell, there are several factors that influence the viability of cloud mining. The process, although no longer limited, is still expensive, profits can be difficult to come by, and the price of other currencies can cause projects to come to a halt. Each of these qualities make cloud mining a risky venture and such issues will need to be remedied before mass adoption is possible.

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