Despite 2018 Bear Market, Here’s The Top 5 Profitable ICO Launches So Far


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Date: 30.06.2018

Getting into cryptocurrency with an ICO is one of the easiest ways to break into the industry. However, not every ICO results in the profits that the company expects. Even though most companies provide a whitepaper that dictates their roadmap, one big missing piece is often in the actual profits that the company will reap. This unpredictability won’t be solved until the ICO is complete and the platform works on its own.

Top 5 Profitable ICO Launches

Learn about the most lucrative ICO sales of 2018 so far, which have included Seele, Quarkchain, Iotex, Pundi X, and Holo (in that order). The information reviews the best financial return, based on the original price in USD.


Seele refers to their platform as a fourth-generation blockchain project, meaning they come after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. Their goal was to create a faster and more efficient transaction for consumers, and they have an algorithm that can easily be scaled up. This project was headed up by CEO Dr. Bi We, though he partnered with the University College London Centre of Blockchain Technology to make it a reality. Even though it made the top of the list, they were still hit by hackers with a $1.8 million loss from the admins.

When Seele had their original ICO sale, the original value was $0.03, and it has risen to $0.21.


Quarkchain thrives within a blockchain system that uses two layers, speeding up their transactions to up to 100 million connections per second. The platform supports the use of smart contacts, though it is only meant for use with Ethereum Virtual Machine. To make their transactions fast, they split up each data set into different sections on separate blockchains within the company.

Astronaut Capital had a lot to do with their original funding and the confidence that other consumers have in the team. This team is run by Qi Zhou, who previously has worked with Facebook, Dell, and Google.

When Quarkchain had their original ICO sale, they began at $0.02 per token, and they have risen to $0.10.


Iotex thrives as a decentralized network for the Internet of Things. The big concern with this platform has been regarding privacy, since everything is interconnected. With these connections, all a hacker would have to do is get into one part of a user’s account to access everything else.

However, they are working on correcting this gap in privacy by establishing a strong blockchain, stealth addresses, and a ring signature. Since they receive so much traffic on their ecosystem, they also have delegated proof-of-stakes to keep up.

Their entire team thrives on experts and engineers that work in blockchain and other technologies. For instance, the co-founder, Raullen Chai, head worked with UWaterloo, Uber, and Google in some engineering or crypto capacity. The advisory team includes Fan Zhang, who is part of both Sequoia Capital China and DFJ ePlanet Ventures.

The original ICO sale for Iotex allowed consumers to make their purchase at $0.007 per token. Since then, the total value has risen to $0.026.

Pundi X

Pundi X’s major claim to fame has been the ability to apply crypto to any store purchase, though they are presently restricted to the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, NEM, and Stellar. Their main goal is to offer the right devices for business to accept these types of payments, which includes contactless payments. Essentially, they want to make crypto payments as commonplace as sliding a VISA credit card.

When Pundi X established their ICO, the price was $0.002 per token. Since then, their price has risen to $0.005.


Holo provides the structure needed for distributed applications, or DApps. They have a peer-to-peer network, and don’t have to concern themselves with censorship. They basically help consumers to control everything they do on crypto applications through their database, calling these programs Holochian apps, or hApps.

Holo’s ICO price for each token was $0.0002, which has since doubled.

Top 5 Profitable ICO Launches Summary

Every ICO provides a different range of benefits, which means that the most successful ones aren’t necessarily the ones that promote themselves the most. Instead, consumers have to seek out platforms made with substance and true progress. Most ICOs have a supportive team that comes with highly qualified resumes, which consumers should be able to view on the official website for each of these sales.

Each one of the five platforms above have a way that they don’t just improve their profits for participants, but methods that can easily change the way the market works with the right application. Additionally, the above gave consumers returns of at least thrice the original value.

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