These are the most profitable cryptocurrencies for 2018


Date: 28.03.2018

The criptodivisas are fashionable, and everything points to this 2018 its popularization will go even further after that in 2017 the Bitcoin, and some other currency more, wipe out its quotation. Therefore, before embarking on this new world yet to explore the best is that you have clear how to start.
Therefore, I leave here the 10 most profitable cryptocoins of 2017, and those that experts recommend to invest in this 2018:
# 1 Bitcoin


It is the cryptocurrency par excellence and grew in 2017 up to 1400%. A brutal number, but we must say that it was not the most profitable.


# 2 Ethereum


If you are looking for an alternative that has nothing to do with bitcoin but that is lurking that is Ethereum. In 2017 it gave a profitability of 9162%.


# 3 NEM


Without making too much noise its growth has been spectacular, only surpassed by Ripple. Launched in 2015, this past year offered a profitability of 29842%.


# 4 Stellar


Born in 2017 and against all odds, it rose like a real rocket. In his first year he has already climbed to the podium of the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Specifically, it reached 14441%.


#5 Dash
Although it did not reach as high as the previous ones, it remains at a considerable 9265%. We are talking about quite high profits.


# 6 Litecoin
Litecoin is one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in recent times and already has enough support. At the end of the year his quote was around $ 315, the third in this ranking.
These have been the 6 most profitable coins to invest this 2018
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