Cryptocurrency Mining vs. Bitcoin Mining Profitability


Date: 21.02.2018

The currency exchanges are still reeling from today’s news flash of the Segwit2X kibosh which has only fueled even more wild instability with BTC’s price. In spite of this, maybe you’re asking yourself, “Does it still make sense to get involved with mining?”

The Cost/Benefit Breakdown

With CryptoCompare’s BTC Mining Calculator, it is easy to instantly figure out how much you could generate mining BTC.

You just have to key in your:

  1. Neighborhood electric energy cost
  2. Miner’s power usage rate
  3. Its hashing power (which is indicative of the miner’s computational power — the larger this figure is, the more BTC it’s able to rake in for you).

Applying the stats from what’s considered the top ASIC Miner available today together with local electricity prices of a random region, we have a hypothetical monthly profit of somewhere around $341.00.

However, before we are able to find out if this really is true profit or not, we have to take into consideration sunk costs.

So, just how much will it set you back to get this top rated ASIC Miner? lists it at $3,179.98 (not including delivery or handling costs).

Which means that it would take over nine months to just make back your initial expenses before you can actually start to see a profit.

A Better Way?

Finally, let’s contrast this to mining SXAS.

Let’s say you link your FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and IG to Saske and you’re active on these in the course of your day. Just how much can you earn?

Numbers Don’t Lie

With SXAS at just $5.00 per, you’re scarcely shy of the $30,000 US middle-class annual income category.

At a dollar, you’re just short of the $59,039 median household income level.

On the other hand, at $20.00 … you’re earning six figures …

But, hang on. What exactly are your start-up expenses?

Well, if you currently have a smartphone or tablet along with a broadband internet connection … let’s simply say they’ll be nowhere close to what it costs to start out mining BTC.

But Wait, It Gets Better!

With SXAS at only fifty cents, Saske actors in emerging economies are able to enjoy a yearly income of $2,656.42, which is over and above 2 times the average low-income level of these territories.

Still, that’s hardly the most exciting part! Since SXAS is optimized to be the currency of the future, everything has been done to guarantee its viral distribution and circulation directly via Saske.

This means that, in the very near future, we’ll witness completely new economies begin to flourish as increasingly more and more rely on SXAS as their currency of preference.

As these take advantages of the new choices accessible to them together with their newly found economic and social freedoms, we’ll finally begin to see an end to malnutrition, preventable illness, extreme poverty and hunger, safe water scarcity, poor sanitation, homelessness, inadequate housing, slavery, illiteracy, overcrowding, civil war and even terrorism.

We’ll have, finally, a better world for everyone.

All this just from mining SXAS with a mobile smart device.

Now, isn’t that somethin’.

Here To Serve,

Jo Polanco

CEO/Founder of Nexus Labs

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