Veteran ‘Dota 2’ Caster TobiWan Launches Crypto Crowdfunding Platform BestMeta


Date: 26.02.2018

Veteran Dota 2 caster Toby "TobiWan" Dawson, who has casted the final at the biggest esports event ever, is set to launch a new cryptocurrency for a platform that will allow content creators to secure funds for their content directly from the fans.

The BestMeta platform, for which Dawson is the Esports Director, today announced the details of their plans, along with initial information on their ICO for the BestMeta Token (BMT). A presale will take place between February 15th and 28th, with the public sale running throughout March. The initial valuation puts a single BMT at $0.60.

Once the platform is up and running those with tokens will be able to use them to support talent and content creators, even directly funding certain projects that the content creators pitch. In order to show off the potential of the platform BestMeta funded the creation of Well Played, a games focused quiz show, in the style of British panel shows such as Mock The Week and Eight Out Of Ten Cats, that was the brainchild of Dawson.


While BestMeta funded this show it is used as an example of content that could be created. If an approved content creator on the platform comes up with an idea they can pitch it to their audience and the audience can give them BMT to fund the project. The use of BMT means that they can also implement Smart Contracts, which guarantee the project will be completed and the content creators doesn’t just run off with the money. All costings for these projects will also be made public.

“All fans want to have some form of input into how their favourite things are created and BestMeta offers that by breaking down the barrier between the talent and the fans, the tokens acting almost like a production credit for the content creation of that talent, offering up unique collaborative opportunities between the talent and their fans,” said a BestMeta representative. “As the brand of the talent gets bigger over time and exposure, the value of the community tokens increase in line with the value of the talent, creating a sustainable ecosystem of empowerment and opportunity between the talent and the community.”


For Dawson this is quite the change of pace. Until last year he was a part of the JoinDota casting studio, where he would cast almost all of the major Dota 2 events. He left JoinDota at the end of 2017, and is now devoting a significant amount of time to the BestMeta project.

“I'm on onboard with BestMeta as a talent that will create content for them as well as someone who's trying to convince others that they can actually create content when they have an idea, because this happens a lot with the talent when they don't understand how to make it happen,” says Dawson. “When they have an idea there are ways, there are people you can go to, there are places you can get funding for this type of stuff. And that's what BestMeta's meant to do, it's meant to bring everyone together for this.”

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