The most crowdfunded watch company ever is making $1,000+ luxury watches affordable for everyone


Date: 26.02.2018

Luxury watches are categorized by superior quality, beautiful designs, and of course, high price tags.

Specific name brands have built up enough clout to charge super high prices, but paying thousands of dollars for a single watch simply isn't doable for most people. With that said, that still doesn't mean luxury watches are unobtainable.

Filippo Loreti, a 2015 Kickstarter, set out to bring guys high-quality, luxury timepieces at affordable prices by eliminating middlemen and retailers that mark up prices exponentially.

Founded by Danielius and Matas Jakutis, the brothers set their initial crowdfunding goal at $20,000. After just 30 days, the company raised $926,620, making it the most crowdfunded watch company ever. In late 2016, when the brand launched its second collection of watches, they shattered the old record by raising $5.17 million in 30 days with more than 18,000 backers.

Inspired by three iconic Italian cities — Venice, Rome, and Milan — Filippo Loreti's watches include premium craftsmanship in an array of elegant designs to appeal to all kinds of watch lovers. The prices range from $219 for a minimalistic watch to $459 for an automatic watch — all priced well under what luxury watches typically go for.

If you want high-quality and stylish luxury designs, without paying traditional luxury prices, Filippo Loreti is the way to go. They're so nice, you will absolutely want to start a collection of them.

To help with that, Filippo Loreti will include a collector's box when you buy two or more watches. The luxurious box is made of wood with a high gloss polished lacquer finish, a rich black leather interior, and has room for eight watches. Valued at $200, the box can be yours for free.

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