The 5 Tips You Need For Successful Hiring At Your Startup


Date: 03.03.2018

In theory, hiring employees for a startup sounds pretty simple: you analyze the positions you need to fill, post job openings, skim through applications and conduct interviews.

How challenging could it be? Well, as many startup founders and CEOs could verify, the hiring process can be more intricate than that.

Compiling the right team is crucial and mistakes in hiring can be tumultuous for any startup. Hiring the right talent can be a real leverage in the long term, and it’s at the core of every successful start.

For this, I have put together five tips to ensure that your startup hires the right candidates without costing you too much.

  • Distribute the VISION:

Startups are always eager to find the right talent, but very often they miss the bigger picture.

Rather than setting the vision based on what’s happening in the market or with other businesses, startups should take time out to decide the long-term strategy and vision for the company.

This will act as your guide to the right people that will contribute to achieving the vision of the company.

Additionally, a set of specific goals can provide clarity to potential employees and is valuable tool in boosting morale as the goals are achieved.

  • The RIGHT People:

Emotional intelligence, people skills and outstanding personalities are far more valuable than academic qualifications.

A startup should not be looking for someone who is extremely specialized and great on paper, but rather seek employees, who are capable of flexibly functioning in any diverse situation, even if the employee has not experienced that type of role before.

Moreover, they should have entrepreneurial and leadership skills ensuring that they can take charge in demanding situations.

  • Test REAL skills in Interviews:

In order to identify and recruit the right people, a startup needs to be able to move past the credentials that are given to endorse one’s resume.

At Google’s people operations department, they make sure that during the interview process, candidates are investigated for their creativity, common sense, problem solving ability, curiosity, leadership skills, adaptability and consciousness.

My advice is simple – don’t listen to what your candidate is saying about his skills, but rather gauge his or her understanding of concepts through his answers to the right questions.

A dynamic testing environment, a brainstorming interview setup, or even a coffee and conversation beyond the meeting room will let you gauge the ability of this candidate to work under pressure, in partial or complete autonomy, and will give you an idea of their resourcefulness, as well as their understanding and seriousness towards the job.

  • REAL benefits:

Most startups are not profitable during their set up and growth periods and may not be able to afford high salary costs.

This is where a strategic allocation of equity to key staff members can help attract and retain the right talent for the business.

Giving an employee equity in the company can boost their performance and makes them more committed to the company’s mission.

  • NEVER stop:

Lastly, look when you’re not looking. Even when you’re not searching for someone to fill in a position, augmenting your expectations each time keeps the current team motivated as well.

Moreover, by expanding your chain and link of probable employees, you could attract the right ones for the near future.

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