ICO Focus: Interview With Yonni Myers of LeadCoin


Date: 23.02.2018

LeadCoin’s Technical Content and Communication Specialist, Yonni Myers speaks to us about the project and the upcoming ICO.

Hello Yonni, what is LeadCoin?

LeadCoin is bringing a core disruption to the way businesses are finding new customers online. It’s the first decentralized network for real-time lead sharing that allows businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other businesses.

Every business is in need of new customers in order to fuel its growth.  For this reason businesses have spent more than $200B to attract traffic to their websites in hope of finding new customers. However, less than 3% of site visitors actually convert into paying customers. The remaining 97% of leads go unused and the marketing budget invested in attracting them is lost. These numbers expose a systematic flaw in the current web marketing workflow. There’s a massive amount of potential customers who are actively seeking services or products, and that have clicked on a company’s Facebook or Google ad, reached their website and even registered, but couldn’t find a match for their required budget, schedule, geography, technical capabilities or any other preferences.

Using blockchain technology, LeadCoin offers a smart alternative to this workflow, powering real-time lead sharing while the lead is still “hot” and in need of a service or a product. After receiving a lead’s consent to be approached by other providers, sellers upload the unused lead to the network instantly. All lead data is verified and qualified. LeadCoin’s matching algorithm then analyzes and matches leads to buyers. Leads who didn’t match one business, are now the perfect match for another.

There are a few blockchain projects that also engage in the Lead sharing market, how is LeadCoin different from the rest?

There have been other Blockchain projects that are attempting to enter the digital marketing and lead generation industries. A couple examples of these projects are HOQU and Snov.io, yet no other solution focuses on creating a business-to-business solution where individuals can buy and sell hot leads from one another in real time. On LeadCoin, leads will be verified and qualified as real people with an immediate need for a product or service. LeadCoin’s matching algorithm will pair buyers and sellers creating a seamless and automatic process for businesses to buy and sell leads.

Where do you see this project in a year’s time?

In one year’s time we plan to have the platform live with desktop and mobile applications and an SDK that will allow for easy integration for new platform operators. We plan to expand the network to multiple industries such as finance, insurance, website building and real estate.

Here’s an example of a potential transaction that will occur on the network one year from now: A person in search of four bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with a budget of $350,000 contacts a real estate broker. The broker; however, only works with properties in Manhattan, so the broker instantly uploads the lead to LeadCoin and sells the lead to a broker based in Brooklyn. This creates a win-win-win situation for the broker selling the lead, the broker buying the lead and for the lead, as all parties benefit from the transaction.

What is the current size of your market and how much of this market share do you aim to harness in the next 3 years?

Businesses spend more than $200 billion to attract traffic to their websites in an effort to find new customers. Most businesses convert up to 3% of their web traffic into paying customers, meaning that 97% of the leads that businesses pay for go unused. We will target the businesses who hold these unused leads, encouraging them to upload their leads to the LeadCoin network and sell them to other businesses.

In which countries will your platform be available for use?

We expect LeadCoin to excel globally, as every business that uses digital marketing campaigns suffers from the same problem, which is a lack of qualified leads for their business. We’ve already translated our white paper to additional languages, and we plan to support multiple languages within the platform. This means that LeadCoin should be available in every country where the use of digital utility tokens is permissible.

Briefly run us through the LDC token sale process?

We are currently in the midst of a private crowdsale of our utility token, and we will have a public crowdsale starting on March 1st. All of the details for participation in the crowdsale and the official smart contract will be published on our website and on GitHub. After the conclusion of the crowdsale we will begin developing the LeadCoin network, based on the roadmap that’s laid out on our website and in our white paper. 

Every transaction on the LeadCoin network will be done using the LeadCoin Utility token,  LDC. Using the LDC token to exchange leads means that every token holder has an interest in the growth of LeadCoin, as it increases the value of the utility tokens. It also means that unlike launching web marketing campaigns with Facebook or Google where the business builds value for a third party platform, participants in the LeadCoin network share the value of the network and the accumulated success.

Thanks for an elaborate interview Yonni, wishing you a successful crowdsale.

Thank you too.


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