ICO Focus: Interview With Vladislav Kuznetsov of Sreamity


Date: 23.02.2018

Hello Vlad, can you briefly introduce us to the Streamity project?

We are developing a decentralized service using a distributed database for the cryptocurrency exchange. StreamDesk unique P2P service for cryptocurrency – fiat money exchange, completely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems. There is no comparison between StreamDesk and conventional financial institutions such as banks or stock exchanges, as fiat currencies are transferred directly between individuals.

What inspired the need to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange market?

There are significant prospects of the cryptocurrency market development; however, up to date there is no honest entry into the cryptocurrency market with minimal commissions. There is a lot of fraud on the market, rates and fees are usually overestimated, the exchange services lack scope and stability. We decided to create a service that will solve all these problems. “StreamDesk” platform embodies the idea of a truly honest cryptocurrency exchange directly between people.

How does your project stand out as compared to similar projects in the space?

First of all, the main advantage of StreamDesk is its security! At the moment a 100% secure service for cryptocurrency – traditional money exchange just does not exist. Most exchangers and exchange markets are centralized, they are subject to hacker attacks and other risks. Also, there are a lot of services which you cannot trust. Their commissions are too high and they imply hidden fees. StreamDesk is simple and easy to use cryptocurrency – traditional money exchange has never been been so simple and reliable before. Cryptocurrency rates are fixed. Users will have an opportunity to buy / sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price. Crypto-currency rates are fixed to the major licensed cryptocurrency exchange markets.

What are some of the safe guard measures you have in place to make sure that users do not lose funds to scammers that my infiltrate your platform?

StreamDesk platform is absolutely safe, users’ crypto and fiat funds are stored on their own wallets.

How soon will your tokens be tradable on exchanges and any hints of which exchanges will be trading?

We are going to launch listing on stock exchanges immediately as the ICO finishes. We are already negotiating with some cryptocurrency exchanges. We are unable to give full information as at yet, but these exchange markets will be the major licensed ones.

Briefly run us through the process of your token sale.

The token sales will take place in two phases.

The first phase will be held from March 12 to March 25. The second phase is planned to be conducted from 16th to 29th April. A total of 110,200,000 tokens will be available for purchase. The maximum discount of 20% will be available only on the first day of sales. You can buy tokens using BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, USD, EUR.

Thanks for you time Vlad.

Thank you too.


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