CoinCooper ICO (CCX Token): Cryptoc Exchange For Blockchain Assets?


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Date: 02.08.2018

What Is CoinCooper?

CoinCooper provides crypto traders, and enthusiasts with a desirable cost advantage, which also happens to be the lowest in the market. Its cost advantages are at 0.05% net for each transaction that is executed. In addition, its trading fees happen to be fifty percent lower than the prevailing industry average.

CoinCooper Cryptoc Exchange For Blockchain Asset Benefits

Margin Revenue

The margin revenue currently stands at fifty percent of the total revenue generated each quarter. This means that each CCX token holder will receive 50% of the entire amount that will be generated from the margin loans. This amount is to be distributed to all the token holders as dividends.

Utility Tokens

CCX tokens will mainly be used to make payments for factors such as OTC fees, trading fees, withdrawal fees, and listing fees.

CCX Discount

Any platform user who uses the CCX tokens to pay for their transaction fees will be provided with a flat discount of twenty-five percent. The discount will be applicable for a period of twenty-four months or two years.

CoinCooper Features

CoinCooper is a fully-integrated exchange platform for use by those that would like to trade in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, including but not limited to coins and tokens. The platform will provide a leveraged margin trading opportunity, margin funding, and will also make it possible for its users to secure trades with a leverage of up to ten times.

The design team has designed two separate interfaces. One of this is to be used by Basic traders, while the other one will be used by Advanced or more seasoned traders. In addition, the development team is currently looking into how they can develop mobile applications for their iOS and Android users.

CoinCooper Roadmap

Its roadmap is as follows:

  • Q4 2017—CoinCooper development
  • Q1 2018—Rough project work
  • Q2 2018— the start of its ICO
  • Q3 2018—Exchange goes live
  • Q4 2018—Rollout of some of its features
  • Q1 2019—Introduction of Fiat currency support
  • Q1 2020—Aiming to be the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform

CoinCooper CCX Token & ICO Details

The coin from CoinCooper is expected to usher in an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. For you to fully understand the reasons that make it truly revolutionary, there is a need for you to look at the convenience triangle that this coin has been based on.

In essence, the CoinCooper is:

  • Convenient and secure
  • Fast and very reliable
  • It provides the lowest market fees in the cryptocurrency market

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token cost: 0.0002 ETH
  • Term of token sale: 50 days. There is, however, the possibility of an early completion with the hopes of being able to pursue the final ICO goals
  • Goals expansion after ICO: Impossible
  • Technical token limitation: 500,000,000
  • Adjustable Mission: Remaining tokens after the ICO are to be destroyed as it will not be possible to release additional tokens
  • Currency: ETH
  • Hard Cap: $31,500,000

Allocation Of Funds

  • 30% product development
  • 45% Training, recruitment, advertisement, and marketing
  • 10% operations
  • 10% emergency
  • 5% legal services
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